We all have a singing voice

waiting to be set free!

Not convinced that you can learn how to sing? Or perhaps you believe that we have to be ‘born’ with a good singing voice?

In truth, we can teach ourselves to sing, and there’s a smarter way to do this too! Just follow along with the video lessons provided, and you will begin to gain mastery over your own voice, and shape it to become the ‘ideal singing voice’ you desire!

Already Have Some Singing Experience?

Delve Deeper Into More Advanced Techniques!

Our instructors have a wide range of experience, ranging from graduates of performing arts institutions to artistes and performers with years of singing and performance experience!

Meet Your Instructor

Aaron Matthew Lim
Estill Master Trainer

Aaron Matthew Lim (林伟强) is the Director and Master Vocal Trainer at Intune Music, a music school based in Singapore. He has been teaching since 2001, and has more than 20 years of teaching experience. He specializes in Voice and Performance, helping his students achieve significant breakthroughs in their singing either by way of extending their vocal ranges, or guiding them to have greater mastery over their vocal control and tonality. Aaron is the 1st Estill Master Trainer in Singapore, certified by Estill Voice International in 2016.

Always seeking to provide targeted vocal solutions for his students, Aaron stands out from other vocal coaches with his in-depth understanding of voice science and how the human voice works, and it is this knowledge that he uses to coach all of his singing and voice students, sometimes helping them to alleviate long-time vocal issues within the span of just 1 single lesson!


See what our students are saying about us

Under his guidance and encouragement, I have achieved another milestone and was recently awarded a distinction in the London College of Music Popular Music Vocals Grade 3 exam.

Singing has always been my passion and it has since opened up opportunities for me to bond and perform with my young son who also shares the same interest in music. I like that Intune Music has a friendly and welcoming atmosphere, not only for budding musicians but also for music lovers from all walks of life.
Prior to taking vocal lessons with Aaron, I had been struggling to fix my breathy voice and not to strain my vocal cords in order to hit the high notes.

Aaron has taught me how to sing with a brighter and richer voice with ease as well as using my airy tone to my advantage. Unlike other vocal coaches who tend to focus on one style of singing, Aaron has exposed me to the different singing styles and voice qualities in order to add more tonal variety in my voice.
Ivy Lui



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